Friday, August 27, 2010

My Love for Reading

The ethos of life always to me was ‘love’… love for the life, love for mankind, love for reading, specially poems. I am an avid reader of Bengali classic & contemporary literature and English classic poems.
I can say, my addiction of reading is a symbiotic expression of my creative imagination and the strength of language. It is indeed a boon to my nature that I love to read unless I can’t be an artist myself. My love for recitation was started from vivid nurturing with poems. It was undoubtedly started with Kabiguru Rabindranath Tegore’s poems. The lyrical rhythm and spiritual aspiration between the lines engrossed me into the divinity of almighty; I had surrendered with all my confusions and emotions to him. “Akash Jodi sunil thaake/modhur theke bhorer aalo/ moron ele hothat dekhi morar cheye bNachai bhalo…” -That is the most inspiring ‘Mantra’ for me. It was the gift from his poem.
When I was young I had gone through Sunil Ganguli’s poem.  “Vru pollobe dak dil-e/ dekha hobe chondoner bon-e”. This is just magical two lines of the series of ‘nira’ by Sunil Ganguli. My emotion got expression by the purity of romance through ‘Nira’ series. When I had gone through Shakti Chottopadhaya’s poem was an adventure to me. As Shakti evolved with ease new Bengali words to give the expression of his poem I had enriched by the beauty of Bengali language. “vasoman nodi vasao nouka vasao nouka/ jouban jay chole jabo ami chasa ba duburi, khet-e songsar-e okkhoy bacho,  drirho jolouka”. The word ‘Jolouka’ still haunts me and I cherish every bit of his poem in this manner from my first experience of reading Shakti’s poems to till date.
.In novels and short stories now I am a bit partial to the contemporary writers like Sangeeta Bandyopadhaya. She has the sword on the tip of her pen. In nutshell I can say, very smart, very crispy, well written with great substance. Right now I can remember ‘Shankhini’, a series in a vernacular magazine. That was Sangeeta’s almost first major work. From that novel I am a great reader of her novel or short stories. 
And of course I am a big fan of Buddhadev Guha’s novel and short stories. It is like journey to go through Byddhadev Guha’s literature. The passion of romance with nature, the literary projection of Rabindranath’s songs, affluent Bengali societies of in seventies or the rustic beauty of Galudi, Madhupur, Maclaxigunje are just amazing. I had enjoyed Buddhadev’s famous Rijuda series - the teenage hero as well as love stories like ‘Koyeler Kachhe’ or ‘Madhukori’.
While talking about novels how can I forget Sunil Ganguli’s “purba poschim” or “sei somoy” series? I can say those were the most authentic historical fiction I have ever read. 
But as I am a recitation artist my first love is always poems. In English I am little bit influenced by the classic poet William Wordsworth and Lord Byron. Mid seventies to early eighties, is the period melancholy. And that’s fascinates me. A sudden kind of surrender to pain reflects from the words of Lord Byron.  “The agony they do not show, /The suffocating sense of woe,/ Which speaks but in its loneliness,/ And then is jealous lest the sky/ Should have a listener, nor will sigh/ Until its voice is echoless.”

 At the end I just want to say today when I look into poetry it is just the spontaneous recollection of my memory…nothing else. And that is why poetry is so close to my heart.

Nurturing with Culture

I am proud of our Indian culture and tradition. I really love to be associated with cultural programmes in India and abroad. The richness and diversity of culture is what sets us apart from the rest of the world. All around me I see immensely talented artistes, musicians and performers striving to preserve decaying forms of India art and working tirelessly to popularize our culture. Their determination and dedication for art and craft inspire me to contribute my little bit in promoting and preserving of our rich cultural heritage. I am actively associated with the Uttarpara Sangeet Sammelan as the President of the Organizing Committee. I am privileged by performing poetry recitals at the annual events like Rabindranath Tegore birthday ceremony or various Bengali cultural festivals, sharing the same podium with well acclaimed artistes.
Another deep passion of mine is to bridging the cultures of West Bengal with that of the Bengalis settled in other continents like USA and UK. The North American Bango Sammelan in USA and the recent Bilaat Bangla Utsav assembled Bengalis from the subcontinent and those from USA and UK on one platform to celebrate our deep rooted culture. I consider myself fortunate to actively participate in these processes of reasserting our art and culture at global platforms.

Sports: -The Sports ‘Man’ spirit….

My keen interest has swung TIG to enter into the field of sports . We have collaborated with the 126-year old Aryans Club under the joint banner of Techno-Aryans. The club had already made a comeback and bagged a place in THE LEAGUE, 2009 Season. I also have plans to make a sports academy.
I have been inspired to translate my active interest to cogent actions by my close friends - eminent cricketer Sourav Ganguly and ace footballer P.K.Banerjee. I have been inspired by their herculean efforts to put our nation on the map of world sports and their penchant for achieving excellence. Their experiences, ideas and vision in sports for India have been a driving force in conceptualizing my sports academy. I was fortunate to interact with international sports icons like Karl Heinz Rummenigge and Diego Maradona and have been amazed by their commitment and dedication


I am a fond listener of Rabindra Sangeet. And this is my only passion. I find myself enriched within my inner self and philosophically enhanced at every time when I listen ‘tomar-o asim-e pran-o mon-o loye’ by the legendary singer Debobroto Biswas or ‘Jagat-e Anondo joggye tomar nimontron’ by veteran artist Kanika Bandyopadhaya or several more songs which are really very close to my heart and emotion.
Songs of Gurudev Rabindranath Tegore evolve me passionately towards life, give the belief of unconditional surrender to all mighty and divinity towards my work.
Rabindranath’s personality is completely revealed in his songs, which may be the unconscious expression of his soul, the outpourings of his devotional heart, and the revelation of his poetic consciousness.
I am thoroughly astonished by his god like brilliancy. Tagore himself was also an accomplished musician and painter. Indeed, he wrote some 2,230 songs; together, these comprise ‘Rabindra sangeet’, now an integral part of Bengali culture and my culture of course. T It is said that his songs are the outcome of 500 years of literary & cultural churning that the Bengali community has gone through. These ran the gamut of human emotion, and are still frequently used to give voice to a wide range of experiences